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Free advice on wayleaves

Free independent support and advice on fibre broadband wayleaves for landlords.

Feeling stuck around wayleaves?

Many landlords are being inundated with fibre broadband wayleave requests which is resulting in increased pressure on internal resources and missing out on high levels of social and economic value. In some instances, landlords could be missing out on £m's of investment that goes beyond the social housing platform and could generate significant income for the borough as a whole.

Even if you have signed a wayleave, you can still take steps to improve its value and reduce pressure on your team to successfully deliver it.

We want to support landlords in getting the most value out of the process possible and avoid any unnecessary pressure. If your organisation has questions about the wayleaves, signed or unsigned, and are not sure what to do to improve the value you receive or don't know what to do in situations where you have a wayleave but things aren't going as planned, we offer free advice and support to help you to improve your wayleave program.

For more details please contact Jennie at or via Contact Us. We have been supporting the rollout of fibre broadband for many years across multiple landlords and ISPs, and feel passionate about keeping the resident at the centre of the program and achieving real value for the landlord.

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