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Fibre Broadband Programme Management

Often referred to as the "United Nations of Fibre", we have been working with a number of ultrafast fibre broadband providers for several years, to support their rollout of gigabit broadband across the UK. We also have many years public sector experience and understand the policies and processes to overcome in order to achieve a successful installation.

Our role is to be the link between the fibre company and the Council or Housing Association, and to provide the capacity that just isn't there. We also work face to face with residents and Members to ensure a smooth install and long term commercial relationships.

We also put the resident at the heart of everything we do. This is their home and we aim to work with them to find the best ways of installing the fibre to minimise disruption.

Every Council in the UK will be making savings to meet funding constraints and new cost pressures and, by using our team, we can work closely in the Council to get the approvals you need to roll the project out and meet the terms of the Wayleave agreement. 

Developing the Wayleave

If you have not yet signed any wayleaves, or you would like to explore additional agreements, we can support you to develop a wayleave that delivers the best value for your stakeholders and properties.

Compliance and Governance

The terms of wayleave should include ways of working that matter to you as the Landlord. Our role is to make sure these are adhered to, that the paperwork is to standard, and relevant legislation is met. 

Site visits 

We complete a number of site visits per week to support the installation rollout and answer resident queries. We also take part in the site walk-off at the end of the build and oversee any remedial works needed, ready for handover to the Landlord.

Project Management

Working on behalf of the Landlord, we run the day-to-day project management including all aspects of the build, from submission of documents through to approval, the installation and then sign off.

Resident Engagement

We operate as the first point of contact for any resident or Member enquiries, holding virtual and face-to-face meetings as needed. This is major project and we want to make sure everybody has a voice.

Industry Connections

Working across multiple boroughs and ISPs we are able to bring wider awareness of innovation and improvement to the client. We are also members of INCA and work closely with the GLA and their subsidery organisations.  

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