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Management Consultancy

Our boutique consultancy specialises in local authority and public sector programmes. We have a strong background in working with the client to deliver and implement a solution, leaving you fully enabled for continuous improvement long after we have completed our work with you. We will keep you in control of the whole process and have an excellent understanding of the challenges faced both as a public sector organisation and as Executives working within numerous policy, regulation and financial constraints.

All of our partners have extensive public sector experience across local and central government as well as the NHS, making us well placed to support you and your organisation to achieve clarity, understanding, change and growth. We are well versed in parachuting in when you need us, and, when the work is complete, ensuring you are left with the tools needed to build on our achievements. But rest assured that a helping hand will always be offered in the months and years ahead.​​

We use tried and tested systems and processes that we can flex and apply to any organisation, big or small, to achieve the outcomes that you require.


Business Consultancy Services

Your business may not be in difficulty, but could it run more profitably?

As your business has grown, it will be using legacy practices and systems that may not be effective in its current stage.

It can be hard to lift yourself out of your organisation, to identify what it is that is holding your organisation back and to be able to find new ways of working.

We can work with you and your team to dive deep into different areas of your business to discover what challenges are blocking you from moving forwards. We will work together to overcome these issues and develop new systems and strategies that will provide efficiencies long after we have finished.

Crisis Business Solutions

Is your business on the edge of losing financial viability? 

Do you need to find immediate efficiencies in order to remain in business?

Would you like to explore every possible option to enable your business to survive and thrive through any existing threat?

Your business may be challenged by more than what 2020 has thrown your way. If you are searching for a new way forward for your organisation, we have the skills you need to find short- and long-term efficiencies that will help you to come out on the right side of a crisis. If your business is now facing a critical situation, contact us for an urgent discussion.  


Programme Management

Do you have a new project or programme of work to be implemented into your organisation? 

Do you need additional capacity and impartial leadership to roll it out in a cost effective way?

Do you still need support to scope out the project and develop positive outcomes?

We use a variety of programme management techniques to run transparent projects that keep you briefed throughout. Experienced across a number of sectors, we can work within any time or budgetary constraint. If the success of your project is fundamental to the future of your business, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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