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Commercial Development Programme for a London Borough Council

London City

We were asked by the Director of Public Sector Review to develop a new department within the council as well as a business toolkit for rollout across the borough designed to align to the principles of regeneration and income generation.

The objectives of the role were:

  • To lead the operational set up of a new, innovative department that would bring commercial benefits to the organisation and the borough.

  • To investigate solutions to transform how the department contributes, works, and delivers services to the community.

  • To seek new opportunities for commercial contracts and bring them into the council.

  • To identify and work with a number of businesses within the borough, to ask them to participate in a working group and contribute to the business toolkit. 

  • To review service effectiveness and system assurance across legacy systems: operational systems, contract processing and management, resource allocation, financial processing and administration, operational governance, and oversight.

  • To work collaboratively to identify the ‘as is’ to understand current performance, resources & processes to pin-point problems & opportunities for change & solutions.

  • To put in place a programme for ongoing business and council engagement.


This project has added to our expertise and experience in working for a London borough council and their local business community. We have developed of a toolkit specific to the borough needs, policies, and social commitments. Additionally we have used strong engagement practices to enable communication with hard-to-reach groups. The resultant outcomes are aligned to council policy, and we are continuing to identify and work collaboratively on ongoing opportunities for improvement.

If you would like any further information on this or any other project, please get in touch

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