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Spring Clean Your Office, Declutter Your Mind

What happens to spring to mind as we move away from dismal winter and into a fresh new season?

Blooming daffodils? Beautiful! Bouncing baby lambs? Adorable! Digging out the dusters for some spring cleaning? Perhaps not!

Although it can be time consuming, sorting and scrubbing your office space leads to increased productivity and motivation.

So, do you think that your office requires a spring clean? If your answer is yes, read on. If your answer is no, go and check the cleanliness of the communal microwave… that’s what I thought… please read on!


When your documents and files, like confetti at a wedding, are scattered freely throughout Dropbox, Google Drive, your emails and desktop.

Many desktop backgrounds are a badly-formed mosaic of software and document icons. It’s easy to directly save to the desktop, but files can easily become misplaced or deleted. With new GDPR being enforced in May, it is even more important to make sure you don’t unnecessarily store documents containing confidential information. Use online filing systems to keep records safe and ordered, and make your desktop background motivational by using a picture of an inspirational quote or future summer holiday destination.

Whilst writing this I checked my own email ‘situation’. Although I am proud of the neatness of my work inbox, my personal email leaves much to be desired! In all honestly it was a total mess with floods of unread emails, consisting of important messages mixed in with adverts for a SCS sale and 50% off laser eye surgery! So, to keep valuable emails easily accessible, I have created a filing system within my inbox. I made separate files in which to arrange my received mail. This could include files assigned to your clients, personal emails, to do lists, ongoing projects, and any other relevant headings. Finally, I deleted all the trash and filed or actioned all the valuable and now I am feeling much more in control!

Spring cleaning your bookmarks tab is the most painless of tasks; simply delete those old favourited pages or articles that you no longer refer to. Although you don’t gain physical space, clarity when finding your most used web pages can make your life just that little bit easier.


When your workspace appears to have been hit by a category 5 storm.

If your office operates with a hot-desking system it usually means that you are forced to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and tidiness whilst working. However, if your desk is your own, all efforts to maintain good organisation can soon go out of the window. You and your computer can end up confined to just one small area, with stacks of paper and random trinkets littering your desk (where did that novelty hole punch come from anyway?) Don’t be afraid to declutter: a clear workspace equals a clear mind. Shred confidential paperwork, donate unused books, sort out an in-tray and a decent filing system, and then disinfect everywhere! My top tip is to keep only what you need at arm’s length; you’ll work more efficiently when everything else is stored away.


They are ideal for socialising and having time away from your individual work bubble. However, because they belong to everyone, no one has the specific responsibility to clean. So here are some ideas to make sure the shared areas remain acceptably pleasant:

Decide what do you want from your office space– is the current state meeting your needs? Firstly, develop clarity by dividing your office into the required sections. Then, segregate items into their designated areas. For office supplies, you can save money by creating an inventory to prevent unnecessary purchases.

Make the most efficient use of the space using coat hooks and appropriate storage. This will give a good impression for clients as well as keeping fire exits clear and reducing the chance of workplace injury.

Transform everyone into a workplace Cinderella by initiating a weekly cleaning routine. Scrubbing the communal fridge is likely to be low down in your priorities, however illness causes lack of productivity and even loss of work days, and so it is important to rid your office of all those winter germs.

A simple spring clean can generate better work attendance, increased accuracy and efficiency and provide a more pleasant place to spend your 9 till 5. Time to dig out those marigolds!

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