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How To Ace Your Next Presentation

Presentations are an informative and direct way of getting information across to the audience. At many times in your life, you may need to give a presentation and just a few examples of when this skill could be needed is; during a job interview, a job promotion interview and when communicating new ideas to a team of people. These are all very important.

Skills needed for a presentation can vary depending on whether it is formal or informal, but they all follow the basic pattern. This blog will give you some basic skills needed when presenting in front of an audience, as we all know that this can be a daunting task. Having a good skill set will help you to calm your nerves knowing that you have a good information pack behind you.


Before presenting, attending other presentations may help you to understand the main points of presenting and what other people which you do can do in your own presentation. But, always make your presentation original to make your work stand out.


Split your presentation into 3 sections and work through it accordingly. This will help your presentation to flow and allow you to put in small breaks between the sections.


Within your presentation ensure that you are engaging with the audience, speaking to them in an informative way to grab their attention. Some audiences may have listened to multiple presentations that day on similar topics, by engaging with them it will keep their eyes and ears locked on you!


Practise really does make perfect in this scenario. Practise in front of your friends and family to get used to speaking in front of other people. The more times you go over it, the more confident you will feel when speaking out loud.


Before your presentation day, it is a good idea, if you can, to visit the room or area which you will be presenting. This will help you to adjust to your surrounding at a much faster rate. You may even be able to have a quick practice there which will help to put you at ease.  


Just remember to breathe! You can do this, and you will do this. Breathe throughout and breathe when it’s over!

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