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Do You Have Social Media Accounts For Your Business

Social media seems to be a way of life now. Even if you aren’t on it, you won’t be able to avoid hearing about it. It isn’t just about sharing photos from your most recent holiday or finding out what the latest Kardashian baby is called. Social media can be used in so many beneficial ways to support your business and its growth.

From being able to market to clients from all around the world, to having access to business support groups, allowing you to get advice and chat to your peers. Business has never been easier online, with so much more potential than ever before, this is why you need to get your business online!


Facebook has over 1 billion users, which means you will be exposing your business to multiple potential customers in one place. This will lower your marketing expenses as a lot of what Facebook has to offer is a free with optional payable features.

On Facebook you can join groups. Within these groups will be people of interest to your business. This will send more traffic to your website, as you can post things like blog posts onto there.


Instagram is a great platform for sharing visual content and, as you know, an image can speak a thousand words. Once visuals have been shared, your followers can comment and engage with your posts helping to gain a more personal connection.

Instagram also offers many other features including live videos, stories and highlights. These can help to give a more real-life image of your brand; your followers can see what you get up to on a day-to-day basis.


Twitter allows you to create 280-character posts. This ensures that you are keeping your posts short and straight to the point. It is a great way of engaging and creating conversation with your audience, whilst keeping up to date with the latest news around the world. The use of hashtags is huge on this platform and will help potential customers find your brand.


Snapchat is predominantly for a younger audience. So if your business targets the younger demographic then getting on board with Snapchat would be a great idea! It is a great communication tool.


LinkedIn is a great place to meet professionals and other businesses. People will have LinkedIn to find a new job, expand their business and share information with other businesses. It essentially lets people advertise their digital CV within the platform.

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