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4 Tips To Get Back On Track

You’re completely stuck with a client’s project; you’re struggling to get back on track and your day feels like it’s flashing before you. The only thing you feel you have done so far is close and reopen the document 50 times to try and make it work. But nothing it is happening.

Oh, that feeling is oh so familiar. Especially when the work is a humongous project which if you lose it you will go into a complete meltdown.

So, let’s soothe that meltdown. Let’s work on what you can in the meantime to make that meltdown a little less big.


Ensure you have good communication with your client throughout the project, letting them know that there is a problem and the work may be later than scheduled. The client may have a solution to this problem, so get that communication up to scratch first.


Save multiple versions of work where you can, this means that if the document did go missing or goes corrupt it won’t cause more future problems.


You cannot get this work done at this moment, so refocusing on other work you can do in the meantime is the best idea. Don’t waste time lingering on the problem and move on to use your time more wisely.


Create a list of the other work which you need today on that day or week and begin to check the work off one bit at a time.

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